What type of files do you accept to upload my artwork?

      MAC Users: Please save your files in BinHex(.hqx) or your file transfer may be unsuccessful. AOL Users: AOL users may experience difficulty when using the AOL supplied web browser. To avoid errors in Art Transfer, connect to AOL normally then use Mozilla Firefox (version 2 or newer) or Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6 or newer) to access this page and upload your artwork. File Extensions: Before uploading, please be sure your file has a file extension that indicates the file type. Example: “myfile.eps” not “myfile.” All submitted artwork must be vector based and saved in one of the following preferred formats: Adobe Illustrator (Please save as an EPS file) Create outlines for all images Convert text to outlines Placed/Imported images must be sent as a separate file following the EPS/TIFF file requirements Build in Spot PMS Colors unless CMYK 4 color process is desired Corel Draw File Please save as an AI file with curves. EPS File 300 dpi @ actual size or larger for 4-color process printing 1200 dpi @ actual size or larger for screen print and laser art (spot color) Macromedia Freehand (Please save as an EPS file) Convert text to paths TIFF File 300 dpi @ actual size or larger for 4-color process printing 1200 dpi @ actual size or larger for screen print and laser art (spot color) PageMaker File Please export as an EPS file with fonts created to outlines. NOTE: If you are unable to supply artwork in one of the above formats, please contact Customer Service to see if an optional format is acceptable. Additional Trap Requirements (Triumph Calendars, Good Value Calendars, Style-Rite Calendars, and Symphony Diaries) Trap is the slight overlapping of color that prevents gaps from appearing along the edges of an object because of misalignment or movement on the press. Our standard trap amount is .35pts., and MUST be applied on page layouts and art documents wherever colors touch. Additional Embroidery Requirements (RCC Koozie)Files Types Accepted: ONLY Tajima.dst and Barudan.fmc All lettering in art needs to be a minimum height of 1/4″ Art line thickness MUST be a minimum of 2 points Minimum requirements need to apply in 1 7/8″ or 2 1/4″ spaces Please keep in mind embroidery area of product selected when sending art. Additional SpectraColor Art Requirements (RCC Koozie) Submit Photograph and/or final, full-color art (printed or disk) ONLY! Printed original art size CANNOT exceed 11″ x 17″ Submit a sketch of the required layout with your order Submit art proportions to size (including a 3/8″ bleed) Mouse pads: Design layout to accommodate 1″ rounded corners when requesting full-bleed imprint. DO NOT ACCEPT: Slides, transparencies, photo negatives, film, low-resolution (halftone) prints, manual black & white separations (with 2 or more colors), Polaroid photos, photos 3″ x 5″ or smaller. NOTE: Spectra ONLY works with light colored material products and white ink does not exist. Check file names before uploading. File names should NOT have spaces, dashes, or special characters in the name. Example: “myfilename12004.eps” not “my file+name1-20-04.eps”

Are there Refunds?

Due to the nature of the customization of the products, we do not provide refunds. Once you approve the final art, you own it.

Can you rush an order if I need it in a hurry?

Not only can we express ship your order if need be, we can also expedite the production. Just let us know your deadlines and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

When will I see my proof?

Proofs will be emailed between 24 to 48 hours from the time you upload your art.

How far in advance should I place my order?

You should always plan as far in advance as possible. Delivery of your order generally will be between 2 to 4 weeks from Approved art.

What is the minimum size order?

Generally speaking when you click on each product it will tell you what the minimum quantity is. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call. The maximum quantities however are almost limitless.

Can you create custom orders?

Absolutely, It’s are favorite! Send us an email or give us a call to discuss.